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EMA 2013 best dressed stars

The MTV European music awards are an electrifying event and this year was no different! The event was held in Amsterdam were the biggest stars in the music industry, turned up and hosted some amazing fashion. Well… some amazing fashion!

It wasn’t all about Miley Cyrus and her lighting up a cigarette on stage, there were some impressive action happening on the red carpet too!

Ellie Goulding made an appearance in a black peekaboo head to toe, Dolce and Gabbana dress.

Katy Perry arrived in a demure but understated mint green dress and Nickelodean star Ariana Grande made an entrance in a cute retro number designed by Mikael D’s 2012 collection.

The press also had a field day with rapper Iggy Azalea, trying to cover up her malfunctioning wardrobe.

Rita Ora chose immortal black midi dress that emphasized her perfect body shape.

Well, we always have next year’s EMAs fashion hiccups to look forward too!!




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