Continuing our interviews from this pasts Web Summit, our EIC, Domi was able to sit down with Yamilette Cano, founder of Louder – a colorful and impactful communications agency based in Hong Kong . The awe inspiring female founder doubles as a 20 year professional Ballerina, who strives to create a business structure that encompasses strong, meaningful connections, shifting the traditional business narative, all the while building confidence and solid skill sets in public speaking for her clientele and empowering fellow woman CEO’s. Read some of their insightful convo below:

What are your plans for Louder for the next few months ?

Creating more content, that’s very important for me. Most of the things I do are one-on-one and tailored to that persons personality and skills they have, the roots are important and the bases are important but I need to create content depending on the people.

My goal in the end would be to be global. To be able to cater to clients in Europe.. Latin America (etc.). For that I need to find the right teammates, because the service is very based on personality and the character, you need to relate to your trainer, in the end its like life coaching.

Do you have targeted organizations for your business?

I do , because I don’t think its for everyone yet, its a quite niche market. Its very needed but a lot of people still don’t see that its needed, like “what are you telling me, I can’t communicate? I speak everyday!” I get that a lot, especially with people who have a lot of experience/CEO’s, so that’s a tough market but I think that’s my target market.

I have a mirror to show them, see what other people are seeing, listen to what other people are listening to and that’s when the change happens. So that’s my target – and start-ups, they’re in such a big need because they always have to pitch, but unfortunately there’s no capital yet- so I would like to work with them on more of a pro bono or social responsibility bases, because i’m very close to giving back, and in my career I’ve been very fortunate for people to help me.

Louder Founder Yamilette Cano

Which obstacles did you encounter while setting up the company as a founder?

Being in Hong Kong there wasn’t many obstacles. Setting up the company took me a week. For the first two years the government understands you might not be profitable, so they don’t make you file for taxing – so admin wise its not a nightmare as I’ve heard in other countries. So that is very helpful for a founder in general.

Your mission is to create a connection – explain.

I never wanted to go out and hardcore sale, I want to create a connection, a relationship, and if then the business happens, its going to be a stronger relationship, stronger business.

I think in Asia there’s a lot of support now for woman, a lot of groups have events – we connect with other woman that are having the same struggles. We do communicate, there’s not such a thing of “Hey, I have my information i’m going to keep it for myself”. We understand that it’s important to create a community.

Yamilette at the RISE Conference

I want them to understand that all of us have this power of communicating, but we do need to prepare to fine tune it in order to create a greater effect and to create a personal brand that is consistent.

In every scenario we have emotions, we feel angry, sad, frustrated, happy – emotional connections are good and we should use it, its not a bad thing in business. Utilize it all with an emotional rhythm.

Yamilette at the HUB Charity Ball 2018

Three Tips for people that speak that need to develop skills?

First of all, find an intention. Write it down by hand – stamping it with your own hand writing is personal. Setting up an intention every single time you’re going to have to speak to someone, because the intention is not the same if i’m talking now to you then if i’m talking to 100 people.

2nd and most important: Practice, practice, practice – and practice again! Every time there is something we can make better. And do it in front of a mirror- then you can see and hear what other people are seeing. A lot of people don’t like seeing themselves in the mirror, its uncomfortable, but once you get past that your confidence starts to build.

And the 3rd: Have fun! If you have the passion, the good idea but you don’t show fun with it, how do you expect people to follow? Have fun, its not brain surgery!

Favorite Speakers?

I like very much, Louvier shes amazing! There’s a lot of leading ladies.

What do you think makes a good speaker?

The ones that want to connect with the audience, and don’t think its about them. Those are better speakers than the ones that want to just inform and get across the message no matter what. Speakers that can be flexible and adapt, reading the audience – those are the best.

Biggest difference in cold pitching and speaking on something like the Web Summit stage?

I think even when pitching you should be so connected to your intention and emotions that it resonates. Giving an idea with a solution (for both).

Any advise to current and future female founders?

Don’t be afraid! What’s the worst that can go wrong? Maybe I don’t get any customers, I run up my savings, and I have to go find a job – its a risk but it’s a calculated risk. We need to be objective but we also need to be subjective – jump and test the waters! As woman we often refrain from stuff… we should relax a little because we have the support of our community.

Being Latin American, a brown woman it’d be “your not going to make it somewhere else in the world, you don’t have a background in business” but no, I studied international relations and I think its one of the best studies because it opened my eyes to the world. I had to “bang my head on the wall a couple of times” but that didn’t stop me. It sounds corny, it sounds like a cliche, but the more people tell you, you can’t, the more you should do it!

And if it doesn’t happen, there’s so many other things you can do!

Be sure to keep up with Yamilette and Louder agency via their site

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