We are moving faster and faster. Technologies get us on the highest levels each year. I am really scared to think what will happen 10 years later. We will be super modern and so much smarter. I guess people thought same things when it was 1985.

Fashion does not stop too. Designers come back to previous centuries each season, but some of them never look back. I love the way of thinking, the new way of finding fresh ideas and inspirational silhouettes. I am so obsessed with KTZ’s and Walter Van Beirendonck’s fashion. They are so progressive and never boring. Walter created such an amazing collection last season – no racism logos and bright clothes, isn’t he creative? I adore him.


I got a call from my very close friend – Condé Nast Russia photographer – Alexey Sudenko. Alexey works with different beautiful models and his photos are always different – they are like masterpieces.

He was so inspired by Moscow night streets, so he wanted to have a walk with me and his camera. We thought of the most forgotten places in Moscow because we needed less life on streets, just lamps and lights, so we found few amazing streets.

I took my yellow fur coat and a small black TOPSHOP skirt with Von Dutch winter boots. The first outfit was all about fall season, but was not that cool to wear something what did not combine with the weather?  The second outfit was inspired by neon lights and Thom Browne’s latest menswear collection.


Some photos made me think of latest Versace menswear collections. Donatella has always been too far from us. She always creates the future. Materials and silhouettes are sexy and hot.

We took a cute neon cube by Alivelamps.com and it made such an atmosphere on the dark street. I love neon things so much, they make me start thinking of the future, planet and other really deep things. I took that cube and walked with it all my way from home to the place where we had the photoshoot. It was so much fun because people were staring at me.

People are still not ready for big changes. Fashionistas know so many new things, we are always here to change the world fashion in one second. But people do not get the real fashion, that’s why we are in such a long trip from the past to our real future.

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Thom Browne’s latest menswear collection brings me into my own Fashion Wonderland in my head. I love when fashion shows show people interesting some things. Sometimes, they inspire most of us.

I am look forward our future and I am really excited for the history of fashion and art, it is just a beginning and I am a small part of this endless story.