Farewell to another year, the year when we finally got a dash of freedom. These past twelve months were a rollercoaster ride, completely unstoppable and lavish. And while can go on and on about what exactly occurred in 2021, we will just shortly review what happened in fashion.

Nostalgia hit us this time and Y2K has returned, with killer creations by Blumarine and Miu Miu. The runaways and streets were satiated with looks straight out of the 2000s. From minimal silhouettes to shiny rhinestone pieces, this trend is here to stay.

Credit: Vogue Runaway

Collaborations. One of the words that also defined this year of fashion. Merging diverse brand personalities, patterns, colours, has generated the most playful and unexpected designs. Not to mention, keeping the community close together. Dior x Sacai, the collection imbued with a monochromatic palette. Fendace, a collaboration of Fendi and Versace. A celebration of 90s fashion with iconic models walking down the runaway. Hacker Project of Gucci and Balenciaga, an authentic mixture of retro with minimalism. GCDS x Bratz, confirming their passion for fashion. Praising also joint efforts of Supreme x Tiffany & Co., Fendi x Skims, Balenciaga x Crocs, Louis Vuitton x NBA and more.

Credit: Daniele Schiavello

This year fashion dived into the world of the metaverse and there is no turning back. The surreal version of fashion is finally here, after rejecting the invite for so long now. The pandemic, surely just accelerated it, but it was just a matter of time when digital fashion would start spreading. So, now high luxury fashion can be bought also over digital marketplaces and adorn ourselves with 3D accessories and clothes. Well, we wouldn’t mind getting one baby Birkin, even if it is virtual.

Credit: Mason Rothschild

Last but not least, let us remember the losses of great fashion figures that the industry has suffered. Many of them still had a lot to show and transform the fashion world. Alber Elbaz, a sensible and outstanding fashion designer, whose designs radiated femininity, left an unfulfilling void in the industry. Another, shocking passing, was the one of the visionary Virgil Abloh. A genius who reshaped and defined the fashion of the 2010s. His legacy will be always remembered. The departure of Elsa Peretti, Federica Cavenati, Cicely Tyson, Philippe Venet, Harry Brant, Takeshi Osumi, Hiro, who are just some of the names among many others. Their influence will not be forgotten.

Credit: Marc Patrick

Quite a year, right? It kind of felt like 2021 merged with 2020 and allowed the world to make it up for all the stagnation we have been through last year. Like a second chance that overloaded us with a vast number of information and happenings, without allowing us to take a moment and process it all. But we cannot lament. 2021 was definitely a year of comebacks, lots of public PDA and odd moments. We cannot help but wonder, what should we expect in 2022?

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

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