For this week’s Fashion Throw Back Thursday we didn’t reach too far into the history, but sometimes you only need to sctrach the surface to find something completely and utterly stunning. You probably recognize the lady in the picture – it’s the divine Candice Swanepoel, in the lense of the most controversial photographer of the decade – Terry Richardson. It is unusual to see a shoot by Richardson that involves actual clothing, but at least he shows that it’s not because he can’t, it’s because he chooses not to…

Despite what Mr Terry does on his own time, the shoot he performed for August ’13 issue of Harper’s Bazaar US is a true marvel. The Barbiesque Swanepoel in contrast with rough surroundings of the infinite grandeur of Grand Canyon make a perfect combination. All the pieces Candice’s wearing are in the sweet, sweet color of powder pink, worked out in the smallest details, so it makes an even bigger impression when she unceremoniously drags her luxurious fur through the earthy orange ground… I think it’s that appealing, because it’s the ultimate sign of wealthiness. If you can sit on a dirt in a $3000 coat, then you can probably easily have another one, or another ten…

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