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The UK and EU Creative Director of Pretty Little Thing, and former Love Islander, Molly Mae Hague, hosted a fashion show in London for her new collection on 16th February. 

Credit: Getty Images

Both she and PLT claimed online that the show was associated with London Fashion Week, however, these claims were quickly disputed by the British Fashion Council and posts had to be edited to cut out the false information, which was obviously written in an attempt to give the brand established credibility in fashion which it simply does not have. 

Credit: Twitter/@OfficalPLT

This revelation, for many, comes after the London event was blighted by protesters, including another former Love Islander, Brett Stainland. Said protests have gone viral on the likes of Twitter. One protesters’ sign read “PLT Creative Director salary: £4.8 million. PLT garment maker salary: £7,280.00. Same 24 hours in a day” referring to the viral moment which Hague has been heavily criticised for. The demonstration was organised by fair fashion campaigner Venetia La Manna, and Oh So Ethical. After gaining so much traction online, the official PLT account was forced to disable comments on their last few posts since receiving so many with the hashtag #PayYourWorkers.

Credit: Holly Falconer

The event was marketed as “inclusive” and for “everyBODY”, but Brett himself summed it up perfectly, saying “They use women of colour at the front of their campaigns to mask women of colour in their supply chains that they don’t pay. It’s exploitation from wherever you look at it” (via OK! Magazine).

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