Abdrahim was born and living In Morocco . He is a singer and songwriter and  but his true passion is behind the lense. And he wants to be a fashion photographer.
His style is not specific, means he wears and like all the styles. Edgy and classy are his favourite! this doesnt mean he doesnt like the other ones.
He gets interested in blogging cause He found out the style is a way to express your self without talking, like people could know his personality and thoughts from the way he looks and that’s a point. All these things pushed him to blogging and Lookbooking Still such a cool experience though!
He doesnt have an inspiration in his style, Because he i always trying to create his own style to make his followers always excited to see his news, and what he comes up with…
Actually he doesnt have a specific best cooperation, because all his cooperations was Perfect. with all the companies he worked with.
Projects and cooperations never ends, His touch is always present Like he is putting hard work to make people smile.
See the rest of his looks here.

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