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When West meets East there is always going to be an interesting and unique outcome!

Federica has the passion and interest in Japanese culture and trends to pull off such an eccentric look. Her mixture has quite different outcomes which has brought her to my attention!

Here is her concise and intuitive interview;

Who are you?

An italian girl living in the middle of nowhere with a big love for alternative and j-fashion styles.

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

It’s really hard to describe my style in so few words. It’s a combination between neo goth, j-fashion’s street style and grunge.

How did you start blogging?

I started 4 years ago opening my current blog on blogspot, I just wanted a place to share my outfits, events and reviews and I never imagined it would grow. It was like a private diary to preserve my best moments and I was really surprised when I got my first collaboration years ago.

What have been your best/favourite collaborations in the past?

I collaborated with a lot of different webshops during these years and everyone was a great chance to improve myself and my work for my blog.

Any future projects?

I would be really happy to collaborate with my favorite brands, even If I know it’s kind of a dream at the moment!

Check out the rest of her looks here. 







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