Two words come to mind when I see Isabella’s style – Casual Elegance!

I haven’t seen someone encompass both those qualities quite as well as she has!

Here is her introduction to our MESS readers:

My name is Isabella Pozzi, a Swedish/Italian living in Barcelona where I work as a Brand Manager for an accessory brand.

I myself have always had a huge interest in fashion. Before moving to Barcelona I used to live in Florence and Milan before moving back to Sweden to finish my bachelor degree in Business administration with a specialization in fashion.

I have never been afraid to try out new things nor to experiment with my style and I think that shows in my blog and my way of dressing. What I wear depends a lot on how I feel. I started StyleSpectra as a way to share my passion for fashion.

My inspiration I find looking at people on the street, how they dress and move and a I think that Leandra Medine from the blog Man Repeller has a great way of looking at fashion; fun and she is never afraid to experiment with her style.

To quote Rachel Zoe “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” 

Check out more of her individual style at Stylespectura







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