Have you ever wondered how to work chic grunge in the summer?

I know i have. Well this swedish blogger pulls off summer loving with hard core grunge brilliantly.

Check out her mini interview for MESS;

who are you?

I am Jacqueline Mikuta, a swedish blogger and fashion photographer based in Berlin. I collect sunglasses and hats, also addicted to lip balm.

how would you describe your style in 3 words? 

playful, eclectic and grunge

what made you get into or how did you start blogging?

I started blogging many years ago, but mostly with inspiration photos and it wasn’t very serious. Just last year I started a blog on a platform where I shared my daily photos but soon I noticed how fun it was and I got great feedback on my fashion/style posts so in January I decided with my boyfriend (partner of the blog) to create my own blog, the MIKUTA blog and go all in!

what have been your best/favourite collaborations in the past? (if you have any images from past collaborations would be great)

One of my favourite collaborations was with FINELL, they have amazing handbags and I was so excited about creating a shoot that would emphasise the beauty of the bag!

Another great collaboration was with the jewellery brand JANE KØNIG. I made a giveaway for Valentine’s day and people had to share their love stories, that was a beautiful collaboration.

any future projects?

Next week I’m going to London for a great collaboration, I can’t tell you yet but I’m very excited!

See the rest of her looks here.




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