Kseniya is a born and raised Russian currently living in the beautiful city of Turkey Istanbul for the last five years with her beloved husband. Her creative nature is seen through her clothing choices and her beauty posts.

She has a passion and love for photography that is shown through her blog, called Agoniiya, which has been on going since 2011.

I asked her a couple of basic questions to find out where the blog began. Kseniya has always have a love for fashion as far back as her childhood, in fact. Her Dad often went abroad where he would bring back a lot of new clothes that were different from Russian clothing and style. Kseniya always wanted to share her latest unique fashion discoveries with someone else that went beyond her friends and family. Reach a wider circle of new friends that shared the same interests. This is why her blog started. The birth of her blog as Kseniya calls it! She wants to share her casual individual outfits, her thought and share the spirit of the city she loves.

One of her first big collaborations was with Daniel Wellington. A Swiss brand that produces original time pieces to meet everyone’s taste. The main feature was the NATO straps that were originally developed for the British Army; They are very lightweight and hypoallergenic. This happened only one year after Kseniya started her blog!


Another of her favourite collaborations was with Front Row Shop, a very original, stylish and youthful collections at affordable prices that have importance on high quality.

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The latest memorable collaboration with the brand dressign.com. This is an online store that can can be custom tailored to your individual needs. The clothing has a hint of sporty-chic style. Kseniya stated her outfit used for advertising was very individual and unique.

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She gets a lot of invitations to go back to Russia with shows and collaborations with their brands but since she lives in Turkey she can not accept all of the invitations.

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