Lisa’s quirky, young and colourful fashion style caught my attention from the get-go.
She is one of the bloggers that combines stunning visuals with informative writing. Her blog is beautifully played out.
I was lucky enough to do a mini interview with her and here it is;
who are you?
 I am Lisa Linh: a CSULB graduate, full-time marketer for a menswear brand in LA, lifestyle blogger, photographer, cat lover, and freelance social media coordinator for a lingerie company. I’ve been called the “Jack of All Trades” for short 🙂
what or how did you start blogging?
I’ve always been a creative writer since high school and developed my writing skills through the school paper, journalism class, yearbook, and submitting my poems into selective publications. I started blogging back when Xanga was still popular and have been blogging for years. However, is a little over a year old and prior to this blog, I had 2 others – one which included 4 other girls. I’ve always had a love for writing and writing is my best outlet for expressing myself so blogging came naturally.
what have been your best/favourite collaborations in the past?  Any future projects?
I’ve had quite a few fun collaborations this year including my most recent with HP for their x360 laptop. That was fun to do and allowed me and my boyfriend/photographer (@KSOLE_) to be really creative. I recently ventured into food and did a delicious collaboration with! I have a few things in the works but you’ll just have to wait to see!
See the rest of her creative visual/writing adventures here.

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