Fashion Bloggers have to be a lot of jobs in one. The most important duty is; a stylist. There is a certain creed of flair/je ne sais qua that goes into certain looks and the best bloggers have a set individual style that appeals to the masses. However there are certain bloggers that blur the lines between differential styles, not within one look, but within the blog itself. Lukasz Kuleta is one of them. He has two styles which are both chic and current.

Here Lukasz talks about his ventures;

If I had to describe my style in three words, it is not easy. My style is constantly changing and evolving. Every day I’m walking the streets of Warsaw and I discover new inspiration! The inspiration for me are young people who have a fresh perspective on fashion. My style is sport – chic, urban, and always with the addition of black. I dressed comfortably. I think this is important, to feel comfortable. Clothing expresses our personality, so it shows to others who I am.

A year ago I finished journalism that helps me with my blog and 3 years working as a visual menchandiser. I started in the flagship store Hugo Boss in Poland, and now I am a stylist to the Polish menswear brand: Lavard. I like to style and create the image. I’m a perfectionist, and above all an individualist. Some consider it to be my weakness. For me it’s an asset.

My blog has run for 3 years. I started writing because my friends talked me into it. They said do something about it, because I have a great style and I could inspire someone with it: So I did. I have regular readers and I am in touch with them beyond the blog. Keep an eye on my every step in fashion and new posts. This motivates me!

 This Blog is my child. I have the impression that it is more important than my job, because it brings me a lot of joy. With a blog I met many designers, I was on many shows and collaborated with various brands. The most memorable was  working with a network of outlets called Factory Outlet. I had only just started and yet they invested in me and believed in me. The campaign was huge and nationwide. I saw myself in magazines and on billboards. It was amazing!

In the future I would like to repeat this cooperation with another brand. I wish my readership would became bigger, I want to reach more people.

I do not pretend. Blog is 100% me. My looks, my ideas and my point of fashion. I am authentic and it is the most important.

See the rest of his authentic fashion here.


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