You have stated on your blog that you come from a multicultural family. how do you feel this has helped you with your unique fashion style? do you think it gives you that edge?

When you‘re growning up in a multicultural family you have automatically a lot of different influences and of course that helped me a lot to find my style. I was always living between two worlds. I think this is what you can also see in my style – always something between dark and edgy but still glamorous. I prefer unusual combinations, that are still very charactaristic for my style. I love it when people say that something is „very Masha“ 🙂

How do you connect your passions of literature and fashion? how do you manage to combine the two?

I love fashion, but my heart also belongs to literature and I’m trying to combine these two as often as possible.
When I’m editing my pictures I’ll listen to audiobooks for example. Every Sunday I‘ll write something personal that has nothing to do with fashion. Just some private thoughts or situations and my readers love this category „sunday’s thoughts“ the most. I think it’s pretty important to share more than just your ootd with your readers.

What is your average day like?

It’s not as exciting as most people think it is. Usually I’m working all day from my home office on e-mails, editing pictures or doing other organisational things. I’m traveling a lot and so I’m happy when I can spent the whole day working at home. And when I‘m done with my work I love to go out for dinner with friends.

What do you write in your guest posts? do they link to fashion or your other passions?
Usually I write about fashion and beauty trends and my favorites.

What are your other passions?

I love audiobooks – haha 🙂 But besides that I love traveling and exploring different cities and countries. Every time I spend more than 3 weeks at home I’m getting itchy feet and nervous. When I’m on the road, I love taking pictures of all the beautiful places I’ve been to and luckily I can use them for my blog, too!

On your blog you’ve said you’ve been in a lot of different places. where is your favourite city to be in and why?

That’s really difficult because every city has it’s own character and benefits, but to be honest Berlin must be one of the best cities in the world for me.
I love living here, because you’re in the center of Europe. Berlin is a very young, dynamic and creative city. With very high standard of living for small income this is what makes the city the most perfect place for all the restless artists in the world, especially because Berlin is very international and you don’t need to speak German here. With all the all the locations and underground galleries that pop up every day it also never get‘s boring. I’m happy to live here and for me it‘s the perfect place for now.

What or who are your fashion inspirations?

I don’t have a classic fashion idol, but I feel inspired by street styles all around the world. I also get inspired online by communities like Pinterest or lookbook, but my favorite source of inspiration are blogs – of course.

 What is your next goal?

First of all I’d like to focus more on my blog and do some interesting collaborations like design collaborations. As my next step I’d like to help other bloggers in Germany to build up their blogs and to show them how to blog successfully. Anyway, you never know what future might bring and I’m pretty excited about everything that comes next. Every day brings new surprises and so do I 🙂

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