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Photographer: Bijan Shrestha

LOOBOOK is a source of style inspiration for all who go on and that is how I came across this blogger!

Suzi’s use of subtle textile clashing and eccentric colour combinations are beautiful and inspiring.

She graduated in Fashion Design at Conventry University last summer. Not only did she study at university but she also worked as a fashion intern for The Design Bureau! She attend the Clothes Show Live in 2012, where her scarf designs were showcased – the first time for any of her work.

 In 2013, Suzi’s collection was showcased at Free Range in London. She created and executed eight high-end designs, working to the theme of body movement.

When I asked Suzi to say the inspiration or thought behind her style she gave a brilliant response;

I would describe my style as everyday street style. Instead of saying ‘I’m inspired by this designer or that designer’, I like to create looks that combine different elements from all the styles I see around me.

I started my blog, Fashion Addiction, back in 2011, originally just as a hobby, but I had to take a break whilst my academic and work commitments left me short of time. Now, though, I have the opportunity to devote more time to my blog suzishrestha.blogspot.co.uk, and feedback has been really positive.

To begin with, I posted looks that demonstrated my own personal style, focussing on fashion. But since becoming a qualified bridal make-up artist in June, I now also post my different make-up looks too. I have also used my make-up skills to work behind the scenes on photo-shoots.




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