Two words come to mind when I saw Wallace’s fashion sense is Streetstyle Chic!
She describes herself as a crazy fashionista and her personality shines through in her self introduction.
who you are:
I’m the crazy fashion lover and blogger Yolicia based in Switzerland! I’m currently a journalism student at the university while working on my little fashion diary blog at the same time.
who inspires you and your style:
Well, I don’t really have someone who inspires me but I would definitively compare myself to a chameleon: I’m fashionable at the moment and tomorrow will be another day which mean another style will be worn.
why did you start blogging:
My ultimate goal is to work with media and television. I mean, I want to set myself apart from other future journalism students by blogging and being a fashion radio host in my spare time. I really think doing these two things could be the best thing for me to over come and making business while managing with school and my private life. Although it’s so hard to succeed in because everyday is different! However, as I love blogging I definitely want to continue in this world!
Check out more of her chic style here
Photography: Luca Perrin

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