Wioletta has always loved art and dreamed of being a painter as a small child. As she progressed into adulthood her passions grew for fashion and design, and she is now enrolled on a fashion and print degree at the University at Kent. In her final year- Wioletta is currently working on her very own designer fashion label. More information about it will be soon available on her blog.

A keen blogger- Wioletta has found her blog www.fashion-utopia.com is a perfect way to develop her creativity and interests in other areas of art such as photography, events, exhibitions and travel. “I wanted to blog to build my skills and learn more about the subjects I love. I find it’s a great way for me to link my passions- plus of course it is fun to do and I hope people find my posts inspiring.”

At Wioletta’s blog you can find a wide selection of creative posts, including carefully selected outfits ideas, travel photos, and inspirational images from fashion and art exhibitions she has visited. It is an eclectic mix of visuals, which sum up Wioletta’s individual approach to fashion and design, “I try not to just follow trends when creating my outfits, my mood has a massive impact on what I am going to wear each day. Sometimes I want a feminine look and combine soft pastels colors with pretty florals. Other times I want to create a more sexy, sassy look, so combine heavy jewellery with smouldering eye makeup and red glossy lips.”

Follow Wioletta’s blog for daily updates on all things she loves http://www.fashion-utopia.com/

Photography : Konrad Kopec, Monika Żurawek












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