Steven Khalil- Australia’s rising Star

Specialising in bridal wear and haute couture, Steven Khalil is a name all fashion conscious women should be aware of. His designs are becoming increasingly recognised, with his beautiful gowns being paraded on the red carpet.

First seeking inspiration from the way fabrics drape and fall, Steven went on to study fashion and later established his own fashion house in 2003. His designs take elements of the late 1800’s Belle Époque era using heavy detailing and embellishments which add to the elegance of the gowns.

His bridal gowns can be described as flawless. If you’re planning a wedding, take note! Sculpted perfectly to fit the body in the best possible way the dresses deliver a certain amount of class that will be hard to find elsewhere. The shapes are unique with one including a lace peplum, drawing attention to the waist and the fit of the dress.

Australian TV presenter Renee Bargh graced the red carpet in a Steven Khalil design at the 2014 SAG awards. The red, floor length dress was over laid at the top with delicate red lace. The high neckline on the front of the dress gave way for the dipped back to shine, creating a classic sense of sophistication.

With his stunning designs inspiring red carpets and weddings across the globe we can only wonder what’s in store next for Steven Khalil? Not only are his dresses pleasing to the eye, but they take us back in time to an era that was all about beauty and romance. Things can only get better for the Australian based designer.


Natalie Walsh

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