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Do you wanna know more about the girl that inspires MESS with her creativity, artsy editorials and rebellious spirit? Read interview with a model, fashion blogger, designer and Mess IT Girl, Audrey Kitching
1. Domi Perek: If you could introduce yourself to someone who has never heard of you, what would you say about yourself?
Audrey Kitching: My name is Audrey, I collect bugs, crystals, candles and butterflies. I spend my time with birds emerged in bubble baths, I live on honey and chocolate and I do real magic… but my day job is a model who runs a metaphysical shop online.
2. Were you born with rebel heart, someone who has different approach to life?
From day one. When I would get punished as a child I would have to be locked in a room because I would throw everything all over the place, I was disastrous. I spent every year of school in the principal’s office or in some type of authoritative trouble, I would leave class and walk home in the middle of the day… I kinda always did everything my way without paying much, if any attention to the consequences. You could say as a child I lived very much “in the moment.”
3. How that did happen that you started modeling at age 14?
My story is so strange really, I don’t have a normal model look and i’m much smaller then people would perceive through my work. It still confuses me to this day that Im a model. I was asked by Aveda to do some modeling at a young age and was sent to this massive world wide competition that was a week long at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC. I didn’t really have experience and everyone there was flown in from around the world and looked rather perfect. I felt extremely out of place and wanted to crawl into a ball and hide.
4. Why did you decide to combine modelling, blogging, designing and being creative director of shoots?
I see myself as more of an artist then a model. Modeling is sorta a creative outlet in a way. Most jobs and magazines that work with me, hire me for my vision. They normally always let me style and art direct my shoots which is the fun part. I want to direct films one day so It gives me great practice in bringing a feeling to life. As far as blogging goes, I was a style editor professionally for Spin Media for almost 10 years. I started blogging as a troubled teen as a way to vent. Think of it as a virtual diary. I never wrote or blogged for attention or for the hopes people would read it, my writing was just for myself. I ended up semi homeless for a handful of years and would live in hotels and on tour with friends for months at a time. I would help out and just go along for the experience. That was a very chaotic time in my life. During all this is when my blogging gained the attention of companies such as Spin Media. it was just something organic that happened to create an audience and get recognition. It was never something I sought out, I was just being myself.
5. What are the topics that you feel like it’s important to write about?
Im very heavy on being yourself and living in authenticity. I always have been. I gained my following very young by being the black sheep in the room. I always did my own thing for better and worse. Other people who felt they never really fit in could relate to what I was doing at the time, they were drawn towards me for that reason. Todays industry it’s so polluted with these “artists” who’s entire image is created by media companies to generate money. I have always been the anti-industry. I never fit in anywhere, so I stopped trying. Kids who are growing up with this new internet culture that exists today need to understand that it is an illusion. I think it’s very detrimental to their self worth. People need to embrace who they are, not change themselves to adhere to a faulty mold.
6. What is your biggest influence in your artistry?
Emotions of life. The ups and downs. The birth and death. The natural cycles. Everything is always changes and evolving and to me that is so inspiring. You are never going to have the same moment twice. Every single day is symbolic in it’s own way.
7. Do your beliefs influence your creative process?
Of course, I think they go hand and hand to be honest. How I live oozes out in everything I touch.
8. What’s your story behind becoming a vegan?
Do you want to say something important to the world by that? I stopped eating meat around 6 years old. I think that’s the age that I really understood what I was putting in my body. I was very adamant about refusing to eat animal products. My family fought me on it until they eventually realized they were not going to win. Im not one to preach about lifestyles, but facts are facts. Everything is energy and if your eating an animal who was killed in fear and pain… think about the energetics your feeding your body with.
9. What are your next projects? What are you working on currently?
I have a bunch of projects that are all kinda being worked on behind the scenes. Some tarot and oracle decks as well as an art book. Im also doing an aura project with a gallery which is going to be brilliant. Everything is all about timing, I will work on something as long as I feel necessary and release it at the perfect moment. Deadlines haunt my existence. I have a hard time even remembering what day it is.
10. What do you think of Mess Magazine style?
Creative to the max, I have been following you guys for quite some time. Excited to be featured, thank you again.

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