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Kyle Anderson. Accessories director of Marie Claire.  One of the most recognizable fashion editors in the world. Street style Icon. Stylist. Model. Consultant. Shopping lover.

1. How did you start your journey with fashion?

I had always dreamed of working in fashion. I wasn’t quite sure exactly what I wanted to do though. I moved to NYC in 2001 and interned for over 2 years at a few different magazines. Esquire, CosmoGirl, Marie Claire, Vogue and Elle. I finally started getting freelance jobs – first in the fashion closet at Vanity Fair, then at Cosmo and then at Elle. Working at Elle was my dream job – especially in the accessories department. I was lucky enough to get hired full time there and stayed there for over 6 years. After, I got hired at Marie Claire and I’ve been here 3 years as Accessories director.

2. Do you have any advice for people who would like to start the career in fashion?

For sure. There are so many careers in fashion that are all very different. I’d suggest interning at a few different kinds of places like a press office, magazine, etc to see what you actually like.

 What does your average day look like?

I usually have a work breakfast with a designer or a designer’s press person most mornings to talk about new things that are going on at their brand and to reconnect with them.

Then, sometimes I have appointments where I preview new collections.

After, I go to the office and stay there until around 6 or 7 working on my accessories stories or our shopping guides or helping stylist find what they need for their stories.

Did fashion become your lifestyle? Yes, I love beautiful things. so I’m also interested in home decor, art, art exhibits. my #1 hobby is shopping.


photo by Leandro Justen

wearing Givenchy t-shirt

Saint Laurent boots and pants

balenciaga sunglasses


4. If you would have to choose between writing, styling and modelling, you would pick…

I like collaborating with talented photographers on creating inspiring images with accessories. Every season I find things at the runway shows that inspire me but i want to take those items and create images that make readers think about those items differently. I want to create a fantasy. Its something that sets what I do apart from what bloggers do.

5. You have just come back from Paris Fashion Week – what was the most inspirational thing you’ve seen on the runway?

I loved the Dior show. At haute couture we see a lot of beautiful things. at Dior, it wasn’t one thing in particular, but it was the venue, the clothes, the models, etc. an overall feeling that was amazing.

6.  Who is your fashion hero?

Maybe Carine Roitfeld. She has done a lot of things while she was at Vogue Paris that continue to inspire me even today, years after she has left the magazine.

7. Which of the hot trends for upcoming Fall will take over the streets soon?

Probably sneakers. Fashion girls have never really worn sneakers. It would have been rare to see a female editor in sneakers a few years ago, but now a lot of designers have shown couture versions like at chanel, dior, etc. which I expect to see on girls at fashion week.

8. Which artists influenced you the most?

Ii love art but to me my inspiration really comes from random places. Not really famous artists or well-known people. I get inspired by things I see on the street, by graffiti, by even things I see at somewhere like a building supply store or on instagram.

9. If you could work with one person that you love the most, that would be…

Probably Carine Roitfeld or Carlyne Cerf.  Two amazing and inspiring stylists.  I can’t decide.

10. How do you measure the influence of social media in fashion world? Do you think bloggers did change the industry?


I think honestly social media is so important right now. I think depending on how its used it can really effect sales for a company. I know a lot of brands that sell a lot of accessories via posting photos of them on instagram or twitter. I think bloggers have changed the industry. but I think also right now people are a bit tired of bloggers. I don’t think anyone is reading their blogs right now. its more about instagram and using that as a platform. I think people have shorter and shorter attention spans. They almost aren’t reading now just looking at pics with short captions for quick info.

11. Which celebrity style inspires youthe most?


Maybe Rihanna. She’s the only one who mixes the biggest runway items with streetwear.





One of the Kyle’s accessories editorial work for Marie Claire 


12. What are your must-haves this Summer?

Infortunately summer items are gone and pre-fall is even on its way out of stores now. Fall will be here in another week at most stores. I’d say I want to by sneakers from Chanel or Dior, a shearling colorful bag from Celine or Chanel, and a padlock necklace from Chanel. I guess I only want Chanel 🙂

What are your nearest future plans?

I love working at a magazine but I want to connect with more people than doing only accessories editorials. I still have to figure out what that will be. I’d hope to be on television or another platform that helps me interact with people who love fashion or at least inspire people somehow.



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