Marta is a 18 year old fashion model and blogger from Czestochowa, Poland.

She’s modeled for 3 years and is a shy and very sensitive person. Her blog was a spontaneous decision.  She has always had a love of fashion and photography since she was very little.   And Marta was kind enough to tell us a little about herself in her own words;

I was following lots of different blogs and once I thought it would be fun to create my own. On my blog I show my inspirations. Also, you have the chance to see me and a piece of my wardrobe of course I do it in a controlled way – so I keep my followers very excited each time I open my closet .

My everyday style is not always following current trends – I create my own style – it’s based on what I love , how I feel on that day , what is comfortable to wear and what makes me feel special.

My modelling is on-going so I post lots of my current projects on my blog. I like to share my passion with others. I would love to inspire others because I was always shy and a very sensitive person.

Now I’m so thankful that I started my blog – I met lots of amazing people, had a chance to work with great photographers, make-up artists, stylist, magazines. Unfortunate because of studying I can’t spend as much time as I want online – but I really hope that one day it could become my full time job.

Her love of travelling, music and dance is expressed through her blog with its free flowing and quirky casual chic style that drew our attention.

We hope she finishes studying soon and can spend all her time online!

Check out the rest on her blog at

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