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Divine Wanderer combines style, fashion, travel and inspiration together in their collaborative blog. It is filled with summer images and fashion events. Tiffany is upbeat, inspirational and focused and that is expressed through her fashion.

I see you are apart of We Are Handsome. How has this connected with your blog?

I started writing for We Are Handsome about a year and half ago. Jeremy Somers, 1/2 of the design duo, contacted me and really liked my writing. He asked me to come on board and since then I have been working with WAH in both a writing and social media capacity. I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to work with these guys. Both Jeremy and Katinka have supported and mentored me in so many ways. I have learnt more about myself, my writing style and about social media management than I thought I would. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

It says in your media kit that you regularly attend Industry events. That sounds exciting! What has been the most memorable event? Why?

I think for me being able to attend both Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival was the highlight. For me I think these two festivals really epitomise Melbourne’s love for design and culture no matter what industry. Because the festivals are open to the public and not solely industry based it makes it just that more interesting and exciting.

 What trends have stood out to you from these events? Any in particular you love?

What stands out to me the most, rather than just trend is the sheer talent and innovation of young and upcoming designers. They really are pushing the boundaries of how we see style and fashion. This sort of experimentation with design is seeing movement back towards the avant-garde and neoteric, rather than the monotony of the constant uniform trends on the runway. When I am viewing a collection, I want it to tell a story and present me with a unique and individual idea and concept, not imitate others.

 What is your average day like?

Busy. Very very busy. The first thing I do is check all of the social media feeds I run for my clients and my own. I make sure that I am posting something fun and inspiration to get the day started. I will then spend a couple of hours checking and replying to emails from my clients. I always spend at least a hour or two creating content for upcoming projects. This can be anything from writing a blog post or editorial to creating a flat lay or shooting a style post. Depending on the day, I will have client meetings which is code for coffee an lunch dates with designers, creatives, photographers and agencies. All in amongst this I am constantly checking social media.

 You have a massive following. What do you think sets you apart from other bloggers? Any advice to aspiring bloggers?

I am in constant amazement at how much Divine Wanderer continues to grow both on social media and on the blog. I feel blessed with each new follower and reader.

I think what sets me apart is that I always write from the heart and what I post in terms of styling is attainable and represents the everyday. There are so many bloggers out there these days, every second girl with an iPhone camera coins herself an influencer, however I think that too many of these girls get caught up in the notion of “digital fame”. This idea makes me feel awkward. Sure I can pull off an #ootd with the best of them but I want to be recognised for my personality and story behind my style not what or who I am wearing. I guess my readers and instagram followers are those who recognise sincerity and genuine content they can relate to.

Advice for aspiring bloggers- create good content that is unique and a true representation of who you are. Very few bloggers write these days and I think there needs to be a shift back to what blogging really is about.

 Who, or even what, are your fashion inspirations?

I am inspired by many things. I am inspired by the people around me, the lifestyle I lead, art and design, photography and of course other fantastic bloggers and style icons. I have always loved Garance Dore. She is just so fun and quirky and has impeccable style. I love how she is so versatile in her aesthetic. She is the ultimate style babe.

What are you future plans?

I have recently launched my business Divine Creative which is a digital PR agency based in the fashion industry. We specialise in social media management and strategy and also dabble in PR, styling and blogger representation. I guess I will just continue to focus on this business venture and also jump on any exciting opportunities that come my way with Divine Wanderer.

Check out her blog at http://divinewanderer.com

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