He couldn’t find the perfect dance sneaker that fused streetwear with dancewear, both from a functionality and style perspective, so he “decided to create it.

Making a career for oneself in the dance industry can be just as rewarding as it can be physically demanding. Dancers have to undergo years of training in order to prepare and maintain their bodies for the stresses that dancing brings. Because of this, it’s little surprise that dancers can be very particular about the shoes they decide to bust a move in.

James “BDash” Derrick, a Los Angeles, CA-based dancer and choreographer, knows that his choice in footwear is especially important given his professional expertise and career in krump, popping, animation, and other styles of dance that put heavy stress on a dancer’s feet. This is one reason why he has recently partnered with Fuego to launch the brand’s latest dance sneaker collaboration, ‘BDash x Fuego’.

BDash x Fuego

Fuego prides itself on designing footwear by dancers, for dancers, with a mission to “create a global lifestyle brand and community” of dancers who can share and celebrate their passion with one another and the world.

By partnering with BDash, whose unique and smooth style of dance has allowed him to amass millions of followers on social media platforms like TikTok where ‘dance challenges’ are an everyday viral sensation, Fuego has taken the next step towards achieving their mission.

Fuego’s new ‘BDash x Fuego’ dance sneaker collab contains the same core technology and existing features featured in their signature collection while infusing the design with street-style, urban elements. The key to Fuego’s dance sneaker is its innovative outsole, which is engineered to allow dancers to spin and groove on just about any surface.

Footwear On Fire

Fuego’s founder, Kevin Weschler, notes that his reason for founding the company was because he recognized a gap in the dance footwear market. Because he couldn’t find the perfect dance sneaker that fused streetwear with dancewear, both from a functionality and style perspective, he “decided to create it.

Fuego dance sneakers are designed and engineered with both of these factors in mind. Their patent-pending outsole includes dual ‘pivot points’, allowing wearers to seamlessly spin, pivot, and turn. At only 8 ounces, dancers are able to be quick on their feet. Fuego also incorporates a cushioned insole for shock-absorption, mitigating the physical stress of hard stomps, long rehearsals, and the impact of each step made by the dancer.

With over 600 verified reviews and an average 5-star rating, visit www.fuegoshoes.com to learn more about why Fuego is rapidly becoming the number one footwear brand recommended by dancers, for dancers.

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