Mess Magazine: How did you start blogging and what are your biggest accomplishments
so far?

Gabriel Gontijo: I’ve started blogging in 2013 after I met Chiara Ferragni and Jessica
Stein in person on a work trip here in Brazil. I felt so inspired by them and then I decided to create my
own content.

I think every work, client and the moment that we live after becoming a blogger is huge
and awesome. It’s a new way of work (considering other kinds of jobs) so everything counts as a
big step.

Mess Magazine: As an influencer and brand ambassador, how do you feel like, what’s the
ultimate new trend on social media that everyone should know of?
Gabriel Gontijo: Being able to show ourselves through videos is a major thing. I think we have to
explore who we are by making video content for our followers, so they can get to know the real
us. Especially considering the main idea that bloggers and digital influencers are real
people. So being close and talking to them, answering what they want to know, and exchanging experiences
is the best way to communicate to our followers

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Profile pic. PH: @feliperufinno

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Mess Magazine: How’s the fashion industry in Brazil? What are your favorite local brands?
Gabriel Gontijo: I feel that the majority of the Brazilian brands are very inspired by
international labels.  So we can notice some stuff on the runway that we have already seen somewhere else. But, of course, there is A LOT of nice brands and creative people here. Unfortunately, those creative and authentic names have less attention than brands that create a more commercial product.

Mess Magazine: If you could collaborate with one fashion person, who would be that?
Gabriel Gontijo: I would LOVE to work with Raf Simons or Nicolas Ghesquière. I really admire
the way they create fashion and the historical references they use.

Mess Magazine: Your style in 3 words.
Gabriel Gontijo: “Urban, clean and young.”

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Mess Magazine: 3 essentials this fall.
Gabriel Gontijo: Knit sweaters, jeans, and white chunky sneakers.

Mess Magazine: Who’s the best and worst designer for you?
Gabriel Gontijo: I really admire how Alessandro Michele turned Gucci into a fairy tale. And
I used to be a fan of Balmain and Olivier Rousteing, but now I think they are kinda lost in the
creative processes.

Mess Magazine: Who do you follow on social media and absolutely would recommend
doing so?
Gabriel Gontijo: Eva Chen! She is very powerful, inspiring, funny and a great mom!

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No rain in Spain 💃🏻💯🌞🔥

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Mess Magazine: Any fashion rituals you have?
Gabriel Gontijo: I always match colors in my outfit. T-shirt with shoes, pants with the jacket,
and so on.

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All black but not too much.

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Mess Magazine: What are your next projects/goals?
Gabriel Gontijo: I am very focused on the male fashion market now! I’m already planning my trip to Milan
Fashion week in the next season.

The interview by Dominika Perek

Fashion assistance and publishing the content: Victoria Petrova

Photography: Felipe Rufinno

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Tuesday spring 💐 @gabriel_gontijo by me

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