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Copenhagen, 11th August: The GANNI SS23 collection was shown at Ofelia Plads – a seaside pier overlooking the Danish Opera House and Royal Palace. 

“My best ideas come to me in the morning. I put my headphones on, turn the music up super loud, get on my bike and cycle to work,” creative director of GANNI, Ditte Reffstrup says. “Those 15 minutes are completely mine to treasure. My mind is open and my thoughts just flow. This collection is really about that feeling. We called it Joyride because it’s about Copenhagen being the place where our heart is.”

“There’s a feeling about being in the city in summertime that I can’t quite explain, the energy is pulsing, it really gets your beat going. It made us think about the rhythm of our hearts and the beat you see on a hospital monitor. That line is so beautiful – it’s life. We used that life line as a symbol across the collection, wavy lines on collars and hemlines inspired by a heartbeat.”

Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director of GANNI


The Spring Summer 2023 collection featured a collaboration with Levi’s, a sequel to the hugely successful capsule in February 2021. The brand was inspired by its Western roots with long prairie skirts, button-up vests and frilled collars. Models wore cowboy boots, plush bags and colourful denim. Denim that has been dyed with mineral-based dyes to create burgundy, pastel pink and yellow colours in the collection. 

Ditte doesn’t have a driving licence, often relying on her bike to travel in Copenhagen, when she takes these rides the designer describes feeling heart-pumping fast. Alongside the energy of the city and her heart beating, she translated this idea into the heart hospital monitor showing the sign of life shown in the lines. So in this collection, you’ll see wavy lines on collars and hemlines inspired by the heartbeat. As well as models who were pedalling bikes throughout the show. 

“Fabrics of the Future”

Throughout the collaboration, Ganni’s ethos has remained, as 97% of the forthcoming collection comprises responsible styles. This means that at least 50% of the composition is certified organic, lower-impact or recycled.  

As part of the brand’s innovation hub, “Fabrics of the Future” they will be introducing styles made from textile waste in breakthrough fabric innovation Infinna™ and shoes made of Vegea, a material made of leftover grape skins from wine production.

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