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From the start, it was embedded in us that the boys wear pants and girls wear dresses. The social conventions have imposed the idea that clothes are here to divide the sexes, to emphasize the difference between men and women. For women, the main focus was on their figure, accentuating the voluminous parts with tight and feminine silhouettes. On the other side, men were supposed to highlight their masculine, strong physique. However, as the world evolves, so does society and fashion and many generations start to rebel against rigid, patriarchal conventions. Fashion is keen on erasing the lines that divide the genders.

Throughout history, clothing was relatively based on gender, but by the time of industrialisation it was clear “who wore the pants”. The difference between the sexes was clearer than ever. With time, designers and people, in general, became more daring in their expression of trends and personal style. Yves Saint Laurent designed the “Le Smoking” collection in the 60s, dressing up women in tuxedos that have always been a statement piece of powerful, respected men. David Bowie and Grace Jones pushed the boundaries by playing with outfits and confirming that fashion is a part of a journey of self-identity and creativity. Today superstars like Billy Porter, Jared Leto and Lil Nas slay the red carpets in flamboyant and theatrical pieces.

Yves Saint Laurent & Catherine Deneuve, “Le Smoking” 1966 collection (Getty Images)
David Bowie (by Masatoshi Sukita); Grace Jones (by Rob Verhorst/Redferns)
Harry Styles (Parker Woods); Lil Nas X (Getty Images); Ezra Miller (Yoshiyuki Matsumura)

The stereotypical beliefs are falling apart and very few still conform to rigid ways of dressing up. Fashion is supposed to be fun and liberating, and regardless of gender, everyone has the right to play with outfits and designs as much as they want. It does not matter how you identify yourself nor what kind of body type you have, garments are here to describe what you stand for, what you rebel against and to challenge your creativity. Every single one of us has a different kind of approach to self-identity and being able to express oneself as authentically as possible without being put in the societal boxes. Younger generations are not afraid to be gender fluid, exploring their sexuality and prejudices and judgments should not stop anyone to live their lives the way they want to.

Billy Porter (Getty Images)

The movement of change is unstoppable. The future is fluid and free, as it should be. Through fashion, we tackle all the issues and obstacles that our society encounters. It makes visible the emerging problems that we see daily and fights against them, demanding freedom. And what is gender after all? Nothing should stop us from forming ourselves the way we want, expressing ourselves and presenting ourselves as we truly are.

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