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Before the show even started, guests and watchers online we’re already amazed by the breath-taking sight of a ‘broken Reims Cessna F172E plane’ hanging from the centre of the runway. 

The show begin with ‘engaging music’, starting the show with curious beginnings. The classic riff fit the set of the plane, and what looked a dark setting. The collection begin with dark colour palette such as blacks, greys and whites and what could be more of a ‘school boy-uniform inspired look. Although this was a mens collection, appearances from Victoria Secret Angel, Candice Swanepol, wih hair tied back in a net, and masculine shape dress and bra. 

Heavy jackets, and masculine tailored wear was throughout the collection, with the colour palette flowing throughout the show from black white and greys, to floral and then progressing to white. The floral prints detailed to look like hand-made work fro acrylic paint, clashing feminine, with hard-working, rough textures. Leading to the end of the show, white was used, ending the show with a lighter mood, still with details of floral. Layering is a huge point to the collection, with heavy jackets, long tshirts and under shirts, all cordinating to eachother. The collections inspiration is about clashing aggressive with romantic, combining floral with hard working, with a dark twist, the usual idea Riccardo Tisici is a huge fan of. 

The casting of the show, was the ususual Givenchy style, structured and broad. However, Riccardo Tisci stated he didn’t want to use the usual models agencies sent him. His show involved female, male and trans-gender model Lea T, making this show one of the most memorable during LCM 15 collections. 

The show was capturing from start to finish, and has received positive reactions from all during this years mens collections. The Givenchy models owned the show, and is one to remember like last year.





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