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Can you share some information with us about your brand? How did you start Janashia brand?

Gvantsa: I have had a lot of experience in the industry.  I studied and graduated with a degree in fashion design at the Paris American Academy. When i came back to Georgia, it was very difficult. It was a problem, we had no electricity and there was  not so much development in Georgia. I had nothing going for me in Fashion here in Georgia. Then, step by step it happened for me. 7 Years ago, i opened a multi-brand boutique with and promoting Georgian designers. Many  which were very cool and talented designers and i am very happy to have worked with them.

About 4 years ago, i was enrolled in the Mercedes Fashion Week.  i will say that my brand is fairly young, it has been in existence for only 4 years and this is our 8th season. The last three season, i noticed that i opened and discovered myself to better creations. I started doing more of what i like and i think of my own style and it has been amazing because it is original. I can say that i am not copying anyone else.

Can you describe your brand in 3 words?

Gvantsa: I will say retro-futuristic. I like multi colored fabrics and geometry. It is risky to work on different quality of fabrics but i consider it very challenging. It is very light but at the same time strong. It has a lot bold patterns and colors. My patterns are always new and different. When i create my designs, i am not really focusing on who is going to wear it but the idea behind the design. When i think of a design, i want to create something. I will say it is mainly for women that like challenges.

Can you share the growth of your brand? Do you sell outside Tbilisi?

Gvantsa: Yes, every season we bring in more and more customers and popularity. What i have noticed is that the press have noticed us more now than two seasons ago, which i consider to be a great thing. It shows that i am going in the right direction.

What is your plan for the future of the brand?

Gvantsa: I plan to grow and i would love to go back to Paris, especially to show my design in Paris Fashion Week.I really do not like to think of the future, i always want to concentrate about now -what i am going to do now. I would like to do something i love doing now and i am happy doing fashion and i know i will be happy doing it tomorrow. One thing i am sure of, is that i will continue to be in fashion and my brand will not stop growing.

Do you have any dream as a Fashion Designer? If you could dress and create a style for anyone- let’s say a celebrity, who will that be?

Gvantsa: I have a lot of dreams. I will say Tilda, i adore her.

Do you have any advise for young designers starting their brand?

Yes, despite the fact that my brand is young. It is very important to express yourself, more importantly your own style. It is important to discover yourself.

Do you think Georgia has influenced you and your designs?

Gvantsa: Honestly, i am thankful and appreciative of other designers and i think they are a great talent. I will say my influence has been mainly my creativity. I do not think of other peoples design but mine.  I do what i love and want.

What inspires you?

Gvantsa: I will say i am inspired by the Soul Train. The Jumpsuit is amazing.

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