Why did you choose shoes as your medium?

I have always had passion for shoes designing. To me the best part of the outfit is the shoes as it compliments the whole outfit. I also know that most women thinks of the shoes in the same way and consider it as the basic and most important part of the outfit.

What is your favorite type of shoe to make? Heels? Flats? Sandals?

I love high heels, I feel stronger when I put them on.

What is your staple pair of shoes?

Classic high heels shoes, from HH I would say Jawahir.

What does your dream shoe look like?

High heel with straps real gems and diamonds. They also have to be very comfortable to walk in.

Where do you hope your career takes you in 10 years?

I want to launch my brand in all the fashion cities and expand it further to leather goods & Jewelry.

Do you draw inspiration from people or places?

I get inspired by shapes, art and architecture. However, the strength of women always inspires me to add the final touches.

Who do you want to wear your shoes?

I am targeting to dress celebrities and extend that to royalties.

How would you classify your style?

Sophisticated contemporary.

What is something you consider a style essential?

Sparkles of crystals

If you could collaborate with any brand, who would it be?


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