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How to Choose the Perfect Purse to Go With Your Outfit

Even if your outfit has pockets, chances are you don’t have the space to carry your phone, your wallet, your keys, your makeup, tissues, sanitary items, and all the rest without at least looking bulky and, at worst, being uncomfortable. With the right clutch or purse, you can carry what you need and improve your overall outfit- all at once. 

When it comes to purses and bags, however, function usually takes precedence over form. 

When to Wear a Statement Piece 

Everyone should have statement purses or clutches. These clutches can be sparkly, and their designs one-of-a-kind or it could be a striking red crocodile clutch from judithleiber.com. Regardless of what you personally consider to be your statement purse, you need to know when and how to use it. 

Statement pieces almost always work better with minimal outfits. That red crocodile clutch would pop against a white outfit and a matching red lip, for example, whereas it would fade into the background if you chose a striking red dress to go with it. 

Statement pieces need to stand out, so wear them with your simple outfits to elevate them. 

When to Wear Basic Pieces 

Basic pieces generally mean they have a neutral color and a timeless design. They should be able to work with most, if not all, of the outfits you wear. You can wear these basic pieces when you want a laid-back look, or you can use them to ground your more maximalist outfits by adding some block neutrals to the mix. 

Just because these items are overall neutral does not mean that they are simple. They work to pull outfits together or help the eye naturally rest on bolder prints and styling options. 

What Each Purse Design Says About Your Look 

There are many purse types out there, and each tells its own story about your look. To help you understand what each purse type says about your look of the day, here are the top three designs: 


Backpacks carry large amounts of items and are usually only worn in one of two situations. One is if you are traveling and exploring. The other is if you are working. Build off of these two assumptions to get the most out of your day-trip look, or your work look immediately. 


Tote bags, market bags, and all the similar large, open bags that women commonly wear are great options for your outfit. You will want to pay attention to the size and material. Canvas totes can help make your outfit look casual, while a leather tote can make your outfit sleek and modern. With toes,always take the lead of the material it is based on to help you direct the story of your outfit. 


Clutches are usually night-out and special occasion items that don’t carry a lot and, in exchange, are lighter than other options. A statement clutch is an eye-catcher, while a neutral one can help you pull a statement outfit together. 

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