As summer rapidly fades away, taking with it the fresh green leaves and leaving dehydrated, brown ones crumpled on floor, autumn is upon us. Why? I hear you all cry as summer now becomes a distant memory and layering your clothes becomes a necessity. But there is a silver lining, believe me when I say, autumn may be the best season to express the fashionista from within and layer in style!

Trendy Trench Coat

The trench coat… It’s chic, it’s sleek and it has been a timeless classic since Burberry created the first trench coat in the 1900’s. Unquestionably, it’s a solid favourite from many A list celebrities and models all around the globe. The versatile, iconic design can be dressed up and dressed down but it still to this day, doesn’t fail to make a statement. So, how do you go about styling this gorgeous outerwear coat? Let’s look at some celebrities that agree the trench coat is a wardrobe must.  

If you’re in adoration of the effortless, minimalist look then Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid are taking their streetstyle to another level. Karlie’s neutral sheath dress becomes the canvas of her leather trench coat and her sandals add a casual, everyday feel. Gigi’s long, grey coat helps to add another layer of class to her jeans and top as it sways in the wind giving her a cape full of superpowers. If you ask me, the trench coat is one of the most powerful capes out there.

Baggy Jumper

There is nothing more satisfying then a cosy jumper, a hot chocolate and your favourite movie whilst you listen to the rain falling heavily outside. But guess what? The baggy jumper is a style essential that you can wear to pretty much any autumnal occasion. It is known for its warm and comforting feel that can help protect you from the outside chill and here are a few celebs that have reinvented the baggy jumper.

It seems so simple, a baggy jumper, leggings, heels and a baker boy hat; Blake Lively looks as though she has just stepped out of a magazine in this classy but casual, affordable look. As well as this, the roll neck jumpers have been a forever favourite when the temperature drops, and Victoria Beckham never fails to impress with her fierce silhouettes. One must also note that adding a pair of large, classic ‘don’t look at me’ sunglasses can add an extra layer of sass to an outfit.

The perfect puffer jacket

Puffer jackets are back and back with a bang. When it comes to making a statement, it is thought the puffier, the better. Since celebrities are usually the first to jump on a trend, if not be the reason one is started, we can see how they’ve been styled and worn by them.

Sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner not only look warm and snug in their oversized outerwear, they look stylish. The puffer jacket is perfect if you’re going for that casual, ‘I’ve just thrown this on and nipping out of a coffee’ look, matched with a beanie hat for that extra warmth will leave you feeling toasty, but looking cool.

So, summer may well be over, but autumn and winter has a lot in store when it comes to looking and feeling great. We have it all covered here at Mess Magazine so stick around for some more winter favourites in the coming weeks!

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