With the announcement of the Iphone 6 and Iphone Watch being one of the most talked about things this week, it’s no surprise that exciting little projects for the phone have also emerged.

Think wearable, engaging and well.. 360 degrees. Elie Tahari has created a dress to be worn during the week of NYFW, which holds 50 Iphone 6’s, creating 360 degrees view of the catwalk through livestream. Made with mesh fabric, and “is about combining fashion and technology” states Tahari. The dress will allow viewers and fans to watch the show from a full models perspective.

However this is not the first time technology, connectivity and fashion have all combined to give fans the best experience. Snapchat (the phone app) have also been live streaming the whole week with photos and images, during the shows and talking to stars and designers, which is accessible to every Snapchat app holder. Additionally, uisng Instagram Cara Delevinge also filmed a ‘selfie’ video as she walked down the Giles Deacon show for AW14 beginning of this year.

Big question, what will be next to hit the AW15 runways?