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Kenzo have a history of bringing surreal art and visuals, into the world of high fashion. Quirky models, vibrant colours, and strange concepts used their campaigns have always been a success. This autumn/winter, they teamed up with film directer David Lynch to create a memorable ad to for the season. With that, they used help from the team at TOILETPAPER Magazine, who have also worked on spring/summer 14 ad.

What was created was an advert with a creepy, yet surreal advert. With a concept of a models ‘house’ being broken into, a leg stuck through the door, and portals through the walls, it’s no doubt that this advert is one which you can watch again and again. Creative directors have said they wanted to create a surreal, alien world, which revolves around exploration and interaction.

The teaser trailer has also been released this week with a few magazine images, take a look here

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