Looking for a perfect scent for the upcoming autumn? You can either stick with your favourites or you can give a try to the new game player on the market. Lady Gaga just added another fragrance to her author’s collection and we bet it’s just as good as “Fame”!

As Gaga says herself, Eau de Gaga was “inspired by the adventurous woman and the man who loves her”. We expect the mix of sparkling water, lime and leather scents to give a truly passionate result of this equasion, and – what’s even more sexy – if you and your partner both like it, you can both wear it. “It is an extremely sexy and arousing smell for all genders”, we read on Lady Gaga’s Twitter.

We obviously can’t wait to smell this Eau de Gaga, as it looks really good (not only because of the classy black bottle, but also because of all this compelling descriptions). It will be released later this fall, so keep your eyes open for the novelties in the perfumeries!


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