Mess Magazine: Hey Kristina! First of all, I would like to congratulate you with a debut at the LAFW runway. Please tell us how was it? Were you nervous?

Kristina, the founder of Lakris brand:  I was extremely nervous! Excited and terrified at the same time! I could have not expected a better turned out!!! We had such a great show.

Mess Magazine: I know your brand is focused on timeless pieces and versatile shirts and dresses. Tell our readers how and why did you start Lakris?

Kristina, the founder of Lakris brand: I have been modeling around the globe for 13 years. Being a fashion model allowed access and insight into many of the most famous fashion brands. Like anything you spend a lot of time doing, you pick things up and before you know it, I felt like I belonged and have a voice to contribute.

Mess Magazine: What’s the philosophy behind your brand?

Kristina, the founder of Lakris brand: The philosophy behind my brand is versatility.  The “Evolution” shirt/dress can be worn multiple ways and it is absolutely Universal!

Mess Magazine: How and where do you find the inspiration for your collections?

Kristina, the founder of Lakris brand: My inspiration comes from years spent in the Middle East and Japan. I have been always fascinated with both cultures, those women they are not exposing their skin, they are covered up in luxurious fabrics. It’s so mysterious and sexy at the same time!

Mess Magazine: I’ve noticed that your new Lakris collection at LAFW has many details sending us to the Japanese warriors’ culture. Has it so? What was your inspiration for the new collection?

Kristina, the founder of Lakris brand: Yes indeed, you can observe some of the elements in my collection has the presence of a Japanese warrior. It sort of a reminder of a woman in power! She is belligerent, sophisticated, vulnerable and gorgeous all in one woman! My designs are for women, who are not afraid of making a fashion statement, yet still, keep it pretty casual and chic at the same time.

Mess Magazine: What expectations did you have for LAFW? Did they come true?

Kristina, the founder of Lakris brand: I didn’t have any expectations, I was absolutely honored and humbled to receive an invitation to showcase my first ever collection at LAFW. I’m so grateful to LAFW for this incredible opportunity!

Mess Magazine: What were the difficulties that you faced before and after LAFW?

Kristina, the founder of Lakris brand: I’m always up for a challenge, but I’m not going to lie to pull this thing off within a week was close to impossible, but we did it !!!

Mess Magazine: Did the LAFW help you to become better well known?

Kristina, the founder of Lakris brand: Absolutely! LAFW opened up new horizons for me!  When people see your work on the runway or some celebrity walking the red carpet, you get validation and acceptance!

Mess Magazine: What’re your plans for the next year?

Kristina, the founder of Lakris brand: I can’t wait to start working on my new collection. I found my calling and I am so anxious to share my vision with the rest of the world!

Mess Magazine: What can you wish to the aspiring designers? Any advice?

Kristina, the founder of Lakris brand: Don’t afraid to take a risk! If you don’t risk, you don’t drink champagne!

The interview, fashion assistance and publishing the content: Victoria Petrova

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