Want to hear the conversations of like minded women in an inspiring discussion on however you’re feeling is ok? 

In our current situation we are all confined to our homes, your household and zoom calls are the only thing that connects you to the real world. But what does this mean for your sanity? 

At what point in your life do you have to feel like you have it ‘together’? Then what happens when a pandemic comes along and throws that through the window (of your confined space). 

Were now forced to juggle work, mental health, family and free time whilst also staying productive, healthy and not drinking 10 cups of coffee a day AND finding 1 whole hour to exercise?!! Anyone else? 

Now’s not the time to feel alone. So come together and join us with these incredibly inspirational women who are here to vent, inspire, discuss and sift through the mess! If what you need is to know you’re not alone – then this is the event for you!

The event will take place from 6.30 and we’ll have a series of questions, but it will be very conversational! Ask your questions and join in the conversation. Be a part of the community.

It will be a free event or attendees can make a donation to the Mental Health Association!

Meet the Speakers 

Nathalie Anderson – Founder of The Capsule

Founded in 2016 by Actress & Presenter Natalie Anderson after many years of picking up the phone to her friends with her latest finds, The Capsule was created as a platform for Natalie to share her genuine recommendations in Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle. Since its conception, it has evolved into a brand that actively advocates a balanced lifestyle featuring articles on Wellbeing, Mental Health and Self Care alongside its original content of Fashion and Beauty. Today, The Capsule retains its purpose as Natalie’s little box of recommendations for a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Domi Perek – Founder of Mess Magazine

Domi Perek is a global fashion entrepreneur, featured extensively by titles such as Vogue UK, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Glamour, COMSO, HighSnobiety + More! She currently works as Creative Director for Mess Magazine, Producer for Conde Nast, Associate Director at LAFW and Co-Owner of LORE collective.

In 2014, she launched the first issue of Mess Magazine, which established the title amongst top independent magazines with astounding reach of over a million readers online. Since then, the title worked with bigger fashion houses and names, such as, Alexander McQueen, Chantal Thomas and Linda Farrow and featured Chanel on their second cover story in London. 

Charity Wakefield – Actress

Charity is an English Actress and producer, well known for her roles in Wolf Hall, The Player and Sense & Sensibility. She is an activist and an advocate for sustainability and is very passionate about creating positive change for the future. 

Mikaela Jackson – She Almighty

Mikaela is a personal performance coach and full-time ‘freedompreneur’. She’s found by reconnecting with who she is, her goals and values, she found her real success. Mikaela helps women realise their potential and feel empowered. She says “My vision is that through women self-empowering and uniting by having the courage to create their own definition of success, to do what they love, to live the life they love and to love themselves; we will be further on our way to reducing gender inequality and the pay gap.”

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