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Now Im not a qualified nutritionist nor can I relish in the idea that Im super healthy, in fact, if you ask my friends they would probably laugh at the idea of me giving some advice on healthy recipes and a healthy lifestyle.

A couple of years ago, I didn’t even know what breakfast was, well I wasn’t that bad, the truth in the matter is that I was the sort of teenager that loved to pig out on chocolate and eat without a single care in the world. FACT: on the outside I’m skinny but truly there is a fat girl inside me dying to come out and scream BURGERS!! Three years ago, I turned it all around and moved to the good side.

The truth is I have always been craving for a healthier lifestyle. I love life. Therefore, I have always been drawn to eating healthier and coming from an Asian background we are pretty much fed till death and fed with oily and greasy foods that contain fatty acids  . I wanted to move away from that and give myself a healthier lifestyle choice, and when I moved to Leeuwarden located just north of Netherlands, I realised how unhealthy London can be! Netherlands is a while different ball game, where I lived was a small town dedicated to sustainability and healthy living. The tagline was “Norms and Values” that included taking care of your body, life and the people around you (if only we could integrate this in all societies!). Anyway coming back to the topic of health and healthy choices. Now number one issue in starting a healthy lifestyle is “where do I start??” and to be honest this is probably the most difficult step to take.

Here’s how I started…



Often the hardest part is choosing between the cheesy chips and vegetables. The most important thing to consider here is whether you feel guilty choosing chips over the vegetables, if you do, wrong choice!! Try and consciously choose what you eat and replace aubergine chips for potato chips and try small changes that will help to make the transition a little easier.



I noticed how much more energy I had and started to think much more clearer when I started working out everyday. However don’t just sign up to the gym and aimlessly wander in and out when you feel like it. Create yourself a schedule and have goals and aims. Ask yourself what you want to work on, and work on that and watch yourself achieve your goals and see the change. Totally satisfying!



When I lived in Netherlands, I felt I was investing in things I actually cared about and took time to do those things. For example, I would make myself fresh juice every morning with a big breakfast and start the day with a morning run. No matter what time I’d wake up, I would always do this and it made my day better and I felt more awake and alert the entire day. So do what makes you happy and what makes you feel good.



I find it very satisfying to cook myself a massive meal once in a while (always a healthy one). I like that I am able to create whatever I feel like eating and this way I usually make healthier choices and actually spend less money. Cooking something really quickly and something that takes less time in the kitchen is also rewarding, something as quick as cucumber and hummus or whipping up a quick omelette is the perfect chance to add all veg and all things healthy.



Try quick and convenient ideas, for example infused detox ice cubes and infused detox water or infused herbs in ices cubes..TRY IT! It’s such an easy way to add healthier choices and it literally takes 2 seconds of your life. Recently I have been picking up Raw Food Smoothies and have a glass either when I wake up or before sleeping, simple and easy. I also indulge in detox teas such as Green tea, Jasmine and Camomile.



– Mona Azam