Bringing the 1800s fashion to present, Bora Aksu wowed the first day of fashion week with A/W 2014 collection. Filled with thrills, big shoulders, doll-like dress shapes, this collection is individual at most to what I have seen in a while.

The collection starts with monochrome, with large variety of clashing textures, such as net, quilted, sequins and also leather. Different from each other variety of patterns are used, creating detail and character. Delicately cut and high necks, this shows clear themes of historic references.

The collection wasn’t all monochrome, as splashes of pure white, black, light pink, deep red, yellow and navy came onto the scene, colours which were mainly used in the 1800s. Finished with ribbons in the hair the models looked like your very own little dolls, something I haven’t seen a while on the catwalk, and a huge difference to the usual nude makeup, slick back hair. Trends that were seen at NYFW such as patchwork made an occurring appearance during the show.

Overall the collection was a breath of fresh air and a great start to London Fashion Week. It displayed British heritage and 1800 fashion in a new, modern creative way, with using usual and imaginative fabrics. I’m excited to be seeing the trends leading on from this, hoping to see some patchwork on the street.

Charlotte Pratt




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