When you think a brand stops at one product, another unexpectedly is released. Christian Louboutin, the adored shoe brand by all fashionistas around the world has released a nail varnish to compliment the famous red sole shoe.

With starting prices of $50, this nail varnish isn’t your ordinary ‘off the shelf product’. A lid representing a heal with huge height (a whooping 20.5cm measurement), and deep shades of the famous red, black and extras of pale pink. This is what you call the average Louboutins consumers must-have, or if like many others can’t afford a pair of the ‘to-die-for’  shoes this is also a nice little way buying into the brand. Other big brands have also gone the direction of beauty products with successful results such as Tom Ford, Chanel, Dior and Burberry.

But why nail varnish? It’s all down to the history of the ‘red sole’, which was created in 1992 by Louboutin himself. Being unhappy with a shoe design, he whipped out the red nail varnish and painted the sole, making the rest history.

So is this the start of the Louboutin successful beauty line? I’ll like to see what’s next.

Available from 23rd July.


photocred / fashionista

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