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Lucas Raven is a Filipino-Lebanese American TV personality who typifies style, fashion and luxurious travels. With only 26 years he created a grand business based on his lifestyle. His experiences and adventurous are successfully featured on digital platforms as well as in TV. But Raven doesn’t just live a glamorous life; he uniquely masters the art of merging decadence with culture and content. He is ambitious and inspiring! If you aren’t curious by now you will be after this Interview; MESS MAGAZINE opens this treasure chest for you!


Hi Lucas nice to get to know you! Lets start with your business idea. When did your interests turned into a profession?

R: Since the TV station I was a part of for many years decided to sell out. I was like, OK, I can do this, and my passionate pursuits are stories beyond what any TV show or magazine can capture.

How would you describe your business concept yourself?

LR: The business to influence happiness.

Did it happen naturally or have you developed a concept? 

LR: Both, it was the most organic thing to do. I meet people from all over the world, and everyone wants to know where to go and what to do there. Most are clueless, I’ve met some who don’t know what a passport is. There is a huge demand for quality content to constantly circulate.


How do you difference your work and website to the many blogs around?

LR: Television was my outlet then, we were more careful then. These days, people can just absolutely write anything on “blogs”. Although, I have seen some pretty impressive blogs on travel, there are lots, and it caters to all types of travellers. The difference with what I do is that I put together what I’ve learned as a TV presenter, a journalist and as someone who’s been traveling since childhood, not to mention the influence of the fashion industry that I have a relationship with. All that becomes rather original.

Is there someone you secretly wish is reading your blog posts or whom do you want to reach with your work? 

LR: Hello Richard Branson, let’s talk.

11-Maia-Pool-Bar-Restaurant-Aerial-View Lucas Raven

Is this a lifestyle you aspire too?

LR: I’ve created my own lifestyle formula, one that only works for me.

So lets talk about Lucas Raven. Who is the person behind the lifestyle phenomena?

LR: Phenomena? That’s super flattering! I just live to the fullest, and by that cliché, I mean not having any doubts as to how far I can go. It’s important to have a relationship with your dreams. I’m a dreamer, a daydreamer; I dream in my sleep, a lot, and most of all, I make them
happen during the day.

You are dressed very dapper but how do you describe your style?

LR: Style shouldn’t be anyone’s identity, but the other way around. Who I am is my style. All these beautiful cities inspire me; and the best tailors in these cities, food, colours, architecture, and scene. Anyone who’s well travelled is cultured enough to dress the part, everyday.

Is it right to consider you a dandy?

LR: Occasionally, yes. Generally, I’m very relaxed. It’s rather automatic, I never plan what to wear, I open my wardrobe and I know what’s good today.

Do you have a fashion icon?

LR: Hmmm? Lt me think… I look up to real people, not the ones who are paid to endorse labels on magazines. We all know that’s staged. So I would say JFK, he had good taste. King Abdullah of Jordan, he’s got authority with the way he puts a suit on. I like Nicolas Sarkozy he’s got style. You know it when he walks in the room.


Fashions wise in which époque would you have loved to be born into?

LR: Our era right now is the best. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you could only wear one designer for the next 5 years who would it be?

LR: Now that’s hard. I’ve met most of them and they’re really awesome individuals. Can I just pick my tailor? Ok that doesn’t count. I would say, ooohhh this is tough… I would go for Tom Ford.

Your work awakens senses and means to inspire people but who inspires you?

LR: More like what, I’m inspired by the seemingly endless tomorrows. I’m inspired by change.

VogueItaliaLucas Raven Fashion









If you could share your travel experiences with 4 famous people (dead or alive) whom would these be and why?

LR: Andy Warhol, the art you’ll be inspired to create after seeing Africa, will be unparalleled.

Barrack Obama, we both know the Middle East is full of culture and friendships.

Elvis Presley, dude you have to make songs about these mind-blowing islands in South East Asia.

The Beatles, I bet they haven’t been to Burma

Your travel destinations are often rural and exotic you probably read a lot. What is your favourite book? 

LR: I do, I’m a big Neil Gaiman fan, I like ‘ocean at the end of the lane’, and Anansi boys.


You seem to research a lot for your travel documentations, where is your source of information based on? Do you read the physical travel guides, look
at other blogs, books or are you guided by your personal life experience? 

LR: I just look at the map really, and I’m like – where else haven’t I been?

Talking experiences, what was your most influential so far? 

LR: When my dad took me to Nepal, I was 12 years old and I saw how kids walked a mile, barefoot, probably hungry, and just to get some fresh water to drink. Since then, I never took anything for granted.

Have you always had a driving force to create something extraordinary? 

LR: Absolutely. Yes.

Your lifestyle and interests became your work – does this mean you never work because you don’t perceive it that way or is it a always a little bit of work and never a day off?

LR: It’s a bit of both, depending on whom I collaborate with. Most brands I’ve worked with are so chill; they just let me run with what I do best.

And at last, what is next for your business/-life? What is the dream destination for Lucas Raven? 

LR: Well, Virgin Galactic just started the agenda of holidays to the Moon. That’s next.

Raven Sunset

More about Lucas Raven’s fashion and travel adventures you can find on his website: http://lucasraven.com

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