We know Marc Jacobs for his youthful, free and elegant themes in his fragrance campaigns, telling the typical story of a young girl and the summer breeze. However, announced this Thursday on Instagram was his newest campaign, which held a gothic-twist.

Decadence is his newest fragrance, with a vision of dark and mysterious. With Adriana Lima being the face of the campaign, we see a complete clash to his last campaigns. Shot by Steven Meisel himself with the creative eye of Katie Grand, the campaign shows a gothic-esc Lima with a gold chain between her teeth connected to a bottle-shape clutch bag. Also featuring Marc Jacob cosmetics in dark, smokey eyes, with Lima in a laid back, seductive pose.

“I wanted something that evoked the sense of a bag, with python and gold chain and a black silk tassel, so it had a kind of opulence and glamour and became an object of desire,” – Marc Jacobs

This is a refreshing look for the line of Marc Jacobs fragrance campaigns, a new story from the youthful, floral vibe. We’re looking forward to see what’s next!