Mess Magazine’s Issue 13 aims to spread awareness, educate and bring people together. Specifically shedding light on issues within the industry that are not spoken about enough such as; lack of inclusivity, lack of equality and the issues surrounding sustainability and greenwashing

Sustainability is the buzzword of the decade. The whole concept of sustainability brings many challenges, down to the term itself. What does it actually mean? Is there a universal way of defining it? Do we have a collective understanding? 

Sustainability is a holistic approach that covers many angles: economic, ecological, social and human. Covering only one part of the spectrum is not enough to call oneself sustainable. Although fashion brands are taking big steps towards a more conscious world, sustainability is in danger of losing its true meaning. It is so overused that we needed to come up with a word for exploitation for marketing purposes; greenwashing.

There are so many ways to be sustainable – it doesn’t have to be as inaccessible and exclusive as it has become within the fashion industry. Sustainability has to come from a mindset of caring. It starts with the small, simple things.

Moreover, underrepresentation, tokenism and overt racism have been recurring issues in the fashion industry for some time. This past year more than ever, the fashion industry has been called out for cultural appropriation, racist advertising, and its blatant lack of diversity across campaigns, catwalks and behind the lens. 

There needs to be a want for change within the fashion community and industry.

 Below are our cover editorial images from Issue 13, available here.

We want to give a special thanks to; photographer @alexdanifotografo, models; Sandra Tendo, Marija Krsikapa, make-up by Olga Golovco, clothing brands; L A R O O M, Gilberto Calzolari, Camilla Ghione & ATELIERDOLZI

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