Shyvanne Delva: Can you tell us what inspired you to write your book Find Your Happy?

Shannon Kaiser: Several years ago, I was suffocating in depression and hated my job corporate. I knew there has to be a better way to live, and Find Your Happy is the process I took to leave fear, sadness, and depression behind. Once I found happiness and my dream job and life purpose, I wanted to share the method with others, so I put it into a book.


Delva: Dealing with your biggest challenge (depression), what would you say pushed you through this dark time?

Kaiser: There were several factors, but the top ones were surrounding myself with supportive people, family and friends. I adopted a Golden Retriever, Tucker, who opened my heart and changed everything. I also focused on what I wanted, happiness and health, instead of what I did not want, depression and sadness, and that willingness opened doors for me. I found my higher power and became aware of the universal energy supporting us in every move. I began to put faith in my guides and my life unfolded beautifully.


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Delva: What are some rituals you practice on a daily basis to keep you positive?

Kaiser: Nature is very important to me as well as movement, so I make sure I go outside and play, whether it is a hike, bike ride, or run everyday. I also have a strong gratitude practice. Every day and every moment is a gift to us, and we don’t know how much time we have, so I approach life with awe and wonder and accept the valuable gift it is by giving thanks often.


Delva: Would you say fitness can be used as a way to develop a positive outlook on life? Why or why not?

Kaiser: Fitness is a huge component to a positive attitude and healthy life. Fitness helped me find happiness. I found an exercise I loved at the time, triathlons, and started training for events. Now I love spinning and hiking. Doing what you love doesn’t feel like exercise, and after a great workout we always feel amazing. Fitness equals happiness for sure.

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Delva: Being a life coach, do you insist your clients to take yoga and meditation classes?

Kaiser: People work with me in my life-coaching practice because I specialize in helping clients get honest and clear about what will make them feel best. Yoga and meditation are fabulous, but they aren’t for everyone. Instead, I encourage clients to do what they love. Many love cooking or nature, so their form of meditation is being in nature or creating in the kitchen. I know when I was deep in depression, I heard all the benefits of yoga and meditation and I tried it, but I wasn’t ready. It actually caused more emotional harm because of the pressure I put on myself. So instead I started running, and that became my form of meditation. In time I found the mat and today I personally practice meditation, but it is sitting in nature listening to the birds. People have to do what they love, despite the pressure of what the world says is best for you, because sometimes what the world says is best is not always best.


Delva: What three pieces of advice would you give someone looking to change their life? 


  1. Discover what you love and do it daily.
  2. Release expectations on making money doing what you love, and instead put your mission over money.
  3. Find a mentor or someone who can support you along the way.
  4. Have fun.
  5. Play with the world. 🙂


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