Within the world of fashion, there are so many unknown alleyways to explore. One of the newest, and some may say, most statement-making themes in fashion to arise, is the MetaVerse. Now, we all know Meta as the technology company and social media platforms, and the big world behind our small screens, but MetaVerse Fashion Week, run by the platform Decentraland, takes it to a whole new level. The intricate designs and creations by digital creators from all over the world took centre stage (virtually) in March to celebrate the beauty of the ‘Future Heritage’. This major event took place with the help of iconic businesses, such as DollHouse, Digital Fashion Week NYC, and Vogue Singapore. 

One of the stand-out fashion houses taking part in this year’s MVFW was ‘The Luxury House of the MetaVerseAuroBoros. The couture pieces in the ‘Biomimicry Digital’ collection that combine both scientific factors and elements into digital ready-to-wear items, took the meta world by storm. The digital and physical world are loving it and we can’t wait to see what’s to come. The colour schemes used throughout these designs portray a sci-fi theme with touches of nature, which of course contrasts, creating beautiful and very unique pieces that’ll absolutely attract attention to this fast-expanding virtual world. Each item is available to purchase separately, so whether you love the style of the ‘Shishigami shoe’ or the ‘Tendril skirt’ you have the option to mix and match to create your dream look. They have recently posted a sneak peek of their newest wearable upcoming collection ‘Mesmer’.


The second company taking leaps within the industry is ‘DRESSX’ named the largest fashion collaboration in the digital world. By giving their followers the chance to digitally try on the most extravagant and successful red carpet looks from Met Galas past and present, they have made a statement, not only in the digital world but the IRL fashion scene has taken note of the benefits.  DressX collaborates with so many creatives to bring a huge variety of styles, aesthetics, and elements of imagination to life, especially for us fashion lovers of the virtual world to express ourselves to our highest potential. One of the many collections that were introduced was ‘Drag METaverse’ designed to celebrate love, creativity, and freedom that’s fully inclusive for everybody no matter who you are.

via DRESSX on Instagram
via AUROBOROS on Instagram

One of many positives of fashion design in the MetaVerse is the sustainability of the collections, with every piece being digital, there’s no physical item being produced. While we all love clothing in this 3D world, the MetaVerse creates a new, futuristic way of looking at art, and we should all feel the excitement that this new chapter is bringing for the world to evolve in a greener form. This huge step for fashion to turn digital has been long awaited. While it continues to develop and more people discover the MetaVerse side of the industry, we are certain that there will be some more groundbreaking creations in the very near future that you should most definitely keep your eyes peeled for.

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