We all knew from Miley Cyrus announcing she was going to be hosting the VMAs, that we had to expect, BIG, BRIGHT and well CRAZY. With her controversial style, her outfits have become the biggest talking point of the night. From bare skin, to tinsel, nothing surprised us with what she came out wearing next. 


Miley kicked off the night in head to toe Versace. Glistening in metallic shades, she was prepared covering very little.

GettyImages-486008892-1440994138Why not have a whole face cover the body? Before Miley and Nicki’s feud, Miley stepped in the pop-art inspired combo, of giant lips and eyes.


Stealing the show in this 70’s inspired jumpsuit, with floral arms and rainbow sequins, we’ll put this as the most colourful outfit of the evening.


She then stepped out in a dress which covers, not alot. However, still within the groovy 60’s and 70’s era, of thigh high and pompoms.


Smarties or buttons? PVC dressed with giant circles covering the most convenient of places, finished with cartoon-inspired shades.


Flares and the worlds smallest top! However we loved the vibrant pinks with the wacky, party inspired shades (with also matching dreadlocks of course).


Making heads turn with a full tinsel jacket, Miley stripped down on stage to the fun, disco bodysuit. Better referred as the walking Glitterball!

GettyImages-486019722-1440993700And the best outfit of all to finish the outrageous? It’s most colourful, and pop-art of all jumpsuit. Peace sunglasses and sequins, true Miley style!

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