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Just a few days ago, International Women’s Day was celebrated and groups of people filled the streets, demanding equality between the genders. For years and years, women have been fighting for their recognition and a place where we will feel safe. Today, I dare to say, women are still carrying a lot of fear in themselves. Fear for what the future holds, a fear of not being accepted and a fear of their safety. What makes women more powerful than ever is the fact that even this uneasiness and anxiety is found in every single one of us we go against it, determined to be louder than ever.

Daily, we are all exposed to the absurdity created on the internet. We have an insight into every single happening in the world. By being present, especially online, it is hard not to notice many of the disgraceful and sexist comments that generate a distorted image of women. For instance, “The No Filter” podcast was released a month ago or so. So, the three men are chatting and stating that they would leave their partner if they were to let themselves go after birth because obviously, they would not be sexually attractive anymore.

This viral podcast and other toxic statements about women make you feel appalled. Society has imposed high expectations that had to be exceeded. They always have to look good, well-dressed, do the choirs and smile no matter what.

However, this example mentioned above is not the only one found online, there are millions of cases like this one. The misogyny and sexism are not only present on the internet, but also in private and public spaces, such as workplaces, educational institutions, literally everywhere you can find traces of it. Furthermore, numerous times we have also heard that these closed-minded comments about women are just a joke and that we exaggerate and get offended quite easily. But we are all aware that behind every “innocent” joke there is a genuine belief in a prankster.

The misogynist words and behaviour leave a mark on someone’s life. Having a feeling of being disposable, just an object that is good enough for a specific time. It can also awaken self-doubt and many other insecurities. As it is not enough that we have to fight for our rights every day, to be taken seriously and equal to men.

All in all, the patriarchal structure is still quite dominant in many parts of the world and the process of change is long and tiring. The prejudice against women, but also the minorities, has gone to another level. Although, we cannot deny that it is becoming more evident that women are not inferior to men and that we all can excel in anything we put our minds on.

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