Mulberry SS 2014 photoshoot by Tim Walker

Woke up and felt like having a cup of tea? Well, so did Cara Delevingne in new Mulberry SS 2014 campaign! Tim Walker creates a photoshoot that brings to mind that little bit crazy old lady who lives across the hall, only instead of an old lady we have the hot shot model wearing designer clothes. It’s like ‘Alice in Wonderland’, except the psychedelic effects.

Some people complain about Delevingne popping out of nearly every corner of fashion world – we think it doesn’t really matter, since she’s just doing her job, and she’s doing it really well. Every element in the pictures – the pink roses, the white walls, the unexpected pony, the old fashioned tea service and a girl looking somewhat confused – it all clicks together.

When everybody wants to get controversial, Mulberry got polite and amiable in an intriguing way. Jackpot!

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