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#News for Friday

I dread the question of asking myself how many women have taken a look at high end fashion and thought, ‘Would I ever wear that to the supermarket?’ Well, this season Chanel has strived to answer that with a resounding yes. They have achieved the unimaginable once again, by transforming the Grand Palais in Paris into a Chanel Supermarché. Models graced the catwalk complete with double CC logo shopping baskets, collecting own branded groceries, wine and even ketchup. The autumn/winter collection this year is all about wear-ability; complete with essential monochrome and pastels, echoing from the spring. Closing the show, King Lagerfeld and Queen Delevingne appeared hand in hand down the runway. After the show, attendees were free to stroll the aisles; I wonder how much Chanel wine went missing…  

Isabel Marant has brought the prehistoric age to 2014, with the rise of her new staple shoe – the fur heel. After the popularity of the wedged trainer last year, Marant revealed that she can no longer wear her design due to the ‘ugly copies’ created in replication of her originals – I can only hope and pray that this season’s shoe is neither copied nor replicated, with respects to Marant’s individuality and female demure across the world alike – sure, the ethereal, willowy models such as Edie Campbell can pull it off effortlessly, but is it really practical for the school run or commute to work?  

In the world of Dior, life must be brightly colours and organically shaped as a country garden. In Paris, they showcased their designs to be exactly that. Their latest collection featured yellow, magenta and coral tones alongside a degree of sobriety, with high neck dresses often finishing on or just below the knee. Layering and colour clashing showed that femininity can be combined with a fashion-led edge. Squint your eyes at his collection and you could be transported to a Provencal in the midst of summer…well, its fun to dream…  

The most up-and-coming member of the Kardashian klan, Kendall Jenner, took the runways by storm across, New York, London, Paris and Milan alike. Walking for the biggest houses such as Givenchy, Chanel and Marc Jacobs, she was quite literally walking with giants. Despite very mixed reviews from critics, I think that Kendall possesses the versatility and youthful beauty than any other top model has, just propelled by ‘momager’ Kris Jenner.  

One of the best thing I saw all week was the ‘most retweeted tweet of all time’ – the infamous Oscars selfie, starring Ellen Degeneres, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Brangelina, and a whole hoard of Hollywood superstars. It is great comfort to me that the rich and famous like to indulge in a good group selfie just as much as I do.  

I am currently absolutely besotted with the blog, The Londoner. (www.thelondoner.me). It describes the life and adventures of Rosie, a girl in her early twenties who is lucky enough to live in London. In an attempt to become more healthy myself, Rosie’s recent posts about beautiful, tasty food that is actually good for you (hard to believe, right?) have inspired me to journey forward in my healthy pursuits; an absolute triumph by my accounts.      

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