1. Olga, tell us how did you kick off your career in the fashion industry and what inspired you to fight for your dream and become the Fashion director of L’officiel Ukraine?

I have always been interested in fashion since I was a teen studying at school. While my friends were modeling, I was always around. I attended the show and events in Kiev, Ukraine. Also, I used to buy tons of magazines and read every article about fashion that I could find. I have received my Master’s degree in economics and started to look for my first job. I was lucky enough to get a position in a small local lifestyle magazine, where I could learn publishing, marketing and writing (that was my first interest before styling). After that, I had several local publications of different caliber and became a co-founder of the first independent fashion magazine in Ukraine. When Conde Nast announced that it’s going to launch the  Ukrainian version of Vogue, it seemed logical for me to try myself out. I have been working as a fashion editor and fashion editor-at-large with the magazine for 4 years since its launch. After sometimes I decided to move to the States and got the position of Fashion Director at Lofficiel Ukraine. Which I’m still obtaining, alongside with contributing to Vogue in different countries (Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, Russia, and Portugal).

2. How do you feel like, what is currently the biggest challenge that you’re facing at work?

In general, I think social media is very tricky for creatives. Clients care more about the number of following and your insta feed than your actual work, portfolio, and skills. You don’t have to be educated or experienced anymore, you just need to have nice selfies and looks. As for me personally, I’m trying to be flexible and open-minded, the world is incredible and the most important for the editor and any creative person is to be open and absorb information. You should have a unique library in your head. and of course, know how to use it. 

3. What is one thing you could change or improve in the fashion industry?

I’m not sure I would. The world is extremely fast and dynamic now, the system itself heave to be extremely adaptable. What’s current today will not be anymore tomorrow. We just have to be true to ourselves. There’s too much fake in the fashion industry. 

4. Do you feel like social media has changed the game? What are your tips in terms of using social media?

Indeed. They say you should post three times a day and use right hashtags? :)))

5. What is a style to you? How would you describe your personal style?

The way you translate your world to others. Its all about messages and your personal experiences. As for me, I am very much into experiments – I like to try new things. 

Currently very much into 80-s (big, bright and bold).

6. 3 things you’d never wear….? 

It’s all based on my body and Beauty type. I don’t look good in extreme mini, long romantic dresses and am not into hats much. Other than that – its all about the situation and my mood of course! 

7. 3 things you’d always want to wear are…? 

Mom’s or boyfriends jeans is saving in any situation, men’s suit/dressing, a bunch of little black dresses (for every occasion – simples for a day and cocktail chic for eve). 

8. The ultimate Must-have item for Fall is…?

credit card bag!

What is/are the most memorable shoot(s) you have done so far? 

Every shoot is important and different. Loved recent Jessica Stam cover of Vogue Portugal June issue. 

10. How do you feel like – how fashion impacts other people?

It has always been a social mirror and system of symbols! 

11. Who’s your fashion icon and why?

I don’t think I have one. I like the style of some people, for instance, Tilda Swinton and Alicia Vikander for now, and also I’m just watching the others – more like exploration and analysis.  

12.  Do you have any advice for people who want to start their career in the fashion industry? 

Despite the industry, just be persistent and go for it (learning and be polite at the same time).

13. Lastly, tell us about any exciting projects and events on your horizon! How can we catch you?

I’m working on the next issues of Lofficiel Ukraine, curating few fashion brands and also preparing one of independent magazines relaunch, – you will learn more in autumn! 

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