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As we start to put away our summer wardrobes and prepare for a new season, along came London Fashion week bringing some of 2023 spring/summer seasons must have street style looks. In honour of Queen Elizabeth II, fashion’s biggest names and designers gathered to pay tribute and make stand out statements. 

Here are some of our favourite highlights from London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023.

Poster Girl

Poster Girl made a bold stand out appearance day 1 on the London Fashion week runway. The SS23 collection showcased a mixed array of deep, tonal, bright colour designs instantly bringing a warm spring vibe to the runway. London-based designers Francesca Capper and Natasha Sommerville bring sexy back with a variety of silk ruffles, form fitted fabrics, encrusted rhinestones and intricate lace skin patterns.

This collection shows a sophisticated construction of fits celebrating the femininity and confidence of women. Using recyclable yarn for their most infamous shapewear classics worn by some of today’s pop culture favourites Dua Lipa and Kylie Jenner; Poster Girl is providing bold and exciting sustainable spring looks.


In Tribute to the late passing of her majesty the Queen, womenswear brand Rixo showcased their ‘Postcard from Goa’ collection which consisted of a variety of looks in reflection of her majesty’s unique well known iconic style. 

Inspired by a recent trip to India, the collection brought light into a very sombre city, with its signature bohemian prints and patterns taking us on a dazzling journey. Speaking on the collection Co Founder Orlagh McCloskey said: “We wanted to bring our wearers joy and happiness when they wore our SS23 collection”. The eye-catching collection certainly puts a smile on many faces showcasing a diversity of model sizes and backgrounds representing the true multicultural nature of the vibrant city of London.

The collection will be available from March 2023 ranging in sizes UK 6-24.

Yuhan Wang

Wang’s collection combined sheer fabrics with the simple tones of black and white, fresh blues, greens and butterfly printing delicately standing out showcasing ideas of femininity and growth. It is an extremely ethereal collection, subtle yet powerful.

“I tried to create a collection that celebrates the persistence and courage of women as well as highlighting the pressures they face,” said Wang.

Molly Goddard

Taking inspiration from the pre internet era red carpet glamour, Molly Goddard presented an eye -turning SS23 collection. From frilled exaggerated neon dresses to soft cream and pink suits Goddard juxtaposes casual and elegant styles. The collection’s exploration of fabric manipulation and transparency is the key to her work bringing a playful vibe to the tailoring of menswear into feminine silhouettes. This SS23 collection showcased a rainbow of colours, “There’s a messiness to this season, which I really like,” says the designer. 


Once again Steven Stokey brought the classiness of Britain to the runway. There was not a more relevant moment for this display of British heritage. “A lot of our references were rooted around British aristocracy, as well as the maintenance around the houses and gardens of these characters,” explains Stokey-Daley. 

The SS23 collection was mostly inspired by the love letters shared between lesbian English romantic authors Sackville-West and Violet Trefusis. Hats were disguised with spring coloured floral bouquets and bunny ear head pieces were worn as a sign of the secret coded ‘affection’ shared between the two lovers.

Exploring queerness and LGBTQIA + relationships Stokely Daley delivered a flexible range of mens and womenswear. Floral prints mixed with earthy tones of green and orange are bold and naturally inviting for a cosy, chic spring wardrobe.

JW Anderson

JW Anderson brought the gambling world of Vegas to London fashion week showcasing a modern interpretation of both womens/menswear in the settings of a retro casino. Drawing inspiration from “a parallel world of people trapped in their computers” , oversized T-shirts complete with computer keyboard keys and world prints alongside plastic fish printed dresses were most impressive in sharing this message.

Speaking on the collection,: “I think it’s really like an alternate universe, and there are layers and layers and layers to it”. The SS23 collection was complete with Anderson’s signature sillouettes, one giant orb dress in particular was a stand out piece showcasing Anderson’s dramatic yet subtle techiniques and skill. The collection finished with a simple black dress embedded with the words “ Thank You” , a final message to Queen Elizabeth II .

David Koma

David Koma’s SS23 collection is easily one of the talked collections from day 3 of London fashion week. Koma brought out an outburst of vibrant colours, from sharp oranges to blazing blues the collection is truly unforgettable. Taking inspiration from female motor drivers, knee high boots and holographic jackets are made the latest edgy, chic street style must haves.

Rejina Pyo

Rejina Pyo took a more subtle neutral approach to spring showcasing the historic idea of men and women in the workplace. Exploring ‘dressing as an everyday phenomenon’ the collection is inclusive of all showcasing on a variety of model sizes and skin tones. The soft flowing silhouettes and sheer fabrics featuring in light camel, silver and green tones are modernly constructed to promote the individuality of the wearer.

Susan Fang

Fang didn’t dissapoint this season with a vibrant display of pastel designs which are simply a delight to look at. Light ruffles and ribbon dresses accentuate feminine beauty in a delicate and elegant way. Whilst exploring the feelings of love and peace Fang noted “we created a feeling of movement, working with the elements so it feels more loving and using only strips [of fabric] to handcraft into garments so there’s less waste.” The collection springs with sensuality and feminine energy, creating a shining unforgettable moment on the final day of London fashion week.

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